Debt Collection

We have been providing sophisticated solutions for corporate clients in bulk debt-collection practice ever since our establishment. Our debt-collection practice has proven very effective even in the following cases:

  • Default on voluntary repayments by debtors.
  • Likelihood of continued repayments is low.
  • Although the total amount claimed is large, it comprises of small individual claims, rendering the debt-collection costs disproportionately high.
  • Management costs for debtor privacy information are high.
  • Many of the delinquents concerned are devious, and/or litigation is inevitable

We offer corporations flexibility, such as through fully contingent fee plans.
We pride ourselves on the many satisfactory results achieved in matters commissioned by a major Internet e-commerce site hosting food and healthcare retailers, and a local government entity, so far.
We will offer the most suitable solution by creating a data management system on a per-client basis and collecting debts by means of mail, phone calls, demands for payment, small claims, and litigation.