Restructuring / Insolvency

We offer legal services related to restructuring, bankruptcy and liquidation to companies in a variety of industries. The recent earthquake-related disasters in Japan and prolonged depression have contrived to make the management of small and medium-sized enterprises extremely tough. It is not unusual for external conditions to run out of control due to this aggravated management environment, such as the unheralded bankruptcy of a business partner or difficulties in securing financing.

From an early stage, there are various methods you can employ to reconstruct your corporate management. For example, we understand how best to renegotiate a repayment schedule with a creditor, rationalize the management structure, transfer business, and can provide the services of a lawyer to act as a representative when conducting negotiations with banks and suchlike to secure funds.

Moreover, it is also possible that corporate reconstruction using Civil Rehabilitation may be attempted, although this involves legal proceedings. Even if such an approach results in declaring bankruptcy, we can support your rejuvenation.