We offer a range of legal services – such as documentation, analysis, and advice – related to asset management and financial products, including stocks, debt securities, loans and capital procurement.

With the increasing globalization of the economy, a miscellany of financial products and schemes has been developed, leading to ever more complex regulations. It is inevitable that sound decisions depend on specialist knowledge with a thorough understanding of both domestic and overseas requirements.

In addition, the economic malaise of recent years has led to more severe financial conditions for corporations, who now find financing even more difficult.

Our managing partner, Koonsun Hyun, is one of the few attorneys with prior experience in the legal divisions of international financial institutions and investment banks, and has worked on numerous projects as an investment banker himself.
Hyun, who remains based in Singapore, has worked on resolving numerous overseas cases. Moreover, we retain the services of a number of attorneys with experience in non-convertible bonds, stock acquisition financing, and enterprise.

We also offer consultancy services for litigation concerning derivative transactions.