Intellectual Property / Information Technology

Today, intellectual property has become of crucial importance for its value as a corporate management resource. Advice from legal counsel has taken on increased significance with regard not only to applications for intellectual property rights, but also transactions involving intellectual property, evaluation of such transactions, and the protection of corporate intellectual property.

Intellectual property practice requires in-depth knowledge of copyrights, patents, and trademark rights in such diverse fields as information technology, medical technology, biotechnology, and entertainment.

Since many of our lawyers have experience in the medical, information technology, and other relevant industries, we have established a proven track record with our specialist expertise in such areas as protection, evaluation, rights management, and anti-infringement lawsuits (governing patents, copyrights, and the prevention of unfair competition). We also offer corporate protections, such as issuing petitions for disclosure and provisional dispositions of the court for slander against internet-based entities.

In order to further our effectiveness, we continue to hold on-going research conferences with an established patent firm to better our awareness of current trends in intellectual practice and reinforce our expertise.